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She could see the traces of what could be

Her gift was her refusal to take or say no

As afraid of who she was as I felt

My weakness was her radiance

Audaciously challenging me to leap one last time

“You won’t be alone,” her eyes would tell me. “I’m already falling with you.”

And I believed her, though I held back every trace of that conviction

To be free is to be unshackled but unhinged as well

Away from the comfort of the emptiness you know to embark on the possibility of love uncertain

She spoke to every ounce of who I was and who I wanted to be

Her love, a burning crimson of passion and relentlessness, was the crème to my bitter past

I wanted what she promised and in return, I’d owe her the world

Slowly outwardly but rapidly in truth

Time began to pause when hers met mine

Every touch caused the Earth to tremor, every kiss altered the planet’s axis

We made a love that no human could possibly comprehend but would be the blueprint for universal envy

As volatile as the storms could be, the sun resided in her eyes, making the rain worth the rainbow

Rare love indeed, misplaced by cruel reality

Tell me, please just tell me, it wasn’t merely dust.



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