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Baton Rouge

You are
My muse and my purpose
My singular obsession to the point of addiction
You are
Equal parts good for me and the catalyst to my destruction
You are
Mine, in my heart and my soul
You lie
In the depths of my thoughts and to my better senses
You lie
To me, so sweetly, so innocently
And so we lie
To each other, with others
We lie
With the possibility of potential, while shunning reality for the mirage
Of us
Forces aligned by a fate unknown but powerful
Of us
The history of a volatile love is told
Of us
We are as meant to be as much as we are not
Of us
We are as close as we are far apart
You are home
As familiar to me as the most intimate reaches of my mind
You are home
In you, I find the very best of me
And the worst
But you are home
And I oblige myself to maintaining your brick and motar
So long as you give me safe haven
You are home
Mine, though others may call you the same
You were built for me
And so I love
Everything about your imperfections
I love
The rarity with which you bear your soul
Harkens to the earliest days when you wanted me
To love
A place I didn’t understand
You love
An imperfection, a flawed dreamer with no roadmap for return
But no desire to be elsewhere
Still, you are
Remarkably, amazingly, incredibly
And while you lie
To me
For me
With me
Know that I love
You, Love.


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